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What is the difference between ball bearings and roller bearings

Industry news|2022-02-22| admin

1. What is a bearing?

Bearings are the parts that help the shaft rotate in the machine. For example, the power shaft of the car engine, the shaft of the motor, the shaft in the middle of the bicycle rim, etc., these places will use bearings.

2. What is the role of the bearing?

Bearings have two major functions. The first is to reduce the friction between the shaft and the structure supporting the rotation of the shaft, so as to make the rotation smoother, reduce energy loss and reduce heat generation; the second is to protect the rotating support part and keep the shaft rotating in the correct position. , to prevent damage to the structure that supports the rotation of the shaft.

3. What are the types of bearings?

According to the force direction of the bearing and the shape of the rolling elements inside the bearing, the bearing can be divided into four categories, as shown in the table:

                  rolling body

Force direction



perpendicular to the axis

(radial load)

Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Roller Bearings

leading to the shaft

(axial load)

Thrust Roller Bearing

Thrust Roller Bearing

4. What are radial ball bearings?

Commonly used radial ball bearings include deep groove ball bearings and angular contact ball bearings. The latter can withstand radial loads and axial loads in one direction, so they are usually used in pairs.

5. What are radial roller bearings?

Commonly used radial roller bearings are cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings and tapered roller bearings. Compared with ball bearings, roller bearings can withstand larger radial loads and can be used in machines that generate shocks. Among them, tapered roller bearings are the most widely used.

6. What is the role of the bearing in the reducer?

The bearings in the reducer are generally between the shaft and the box at the input and output ends, and are mainly responsible for reducing the friction between the shaft and the box and bearing the force of the reducer. It can be said that the life of the bearing is the life of the reducer.

7. What kind of bearing does the reducer use?

The reducer usually uses deep groove ball bearings and tapered roller bearings. Taking the Newcastle reducer as an example, the economical light-load reducer PLE, PLQE and other models all use deep groove ball bearings, which can ensure that the performance will not be reduced due to heat while maintaining high speed for a long time; precision heavy-duty reducer PSN, PLN, PSFN and other models all use preloaded tapered roller bearings, which can withstand great axial and radial forces and ensure overall rigidity.

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