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The advantages of NEUGART right angle planetary reducer

Industry news|2022-02-22| admin

When we design the structure, we often encounter a situation, that is, the installation space on site is limited, or the structure of the machine itself is compact. If this happens, the coaxial reducer may not be used. At this time, there is a deceleration structure. It is very suitable for use in this scenario - "right angle reducer".


NEUGART shaft output right-angle deceleration includes WPLE, WPLQE, WPLPE, WPLN; there are also flanged output WPLFE, WPSFN and WGN, etc., but the angle reducer will also have the following determinations in actual use:

                   1. The accuracy of the angle reducer is lower than that of the coaxial reducer, because there is a set of bevel gearboxes in the structure, that is to say, the precision will decrease with each additional level of the series;

                   2. In terms of economy, the price of the same specification of the corner reducer will be much more expensive than the price of the coaxial reducer, because in terms of production cost, the shell, production technology, and structure will be relatively complex;

Therefore, try to choose a coaxial reducer when selecting a model, and do not choose a corner reducer unless there is a very harsh use environment and structural space, so that it will have a better cost-effectiveness for users.

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