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The role of flange output reducer in automated production line

Industry news|2022-02-22| admin

The reducer is often seen in the production line. For the production line, the reducer is an indispensable part. However, there are many types of reducers, and the scope of application is relatively wide. What are the functions of the flange output reducer in the automatic production line? The shape of the flange output reducer will be relatively small, space saving, high precision, and higher requirements for the use of the environment. Let's take a look at the details together!

Unique structure of flange output mode, to obtain greater freedom of installation; shorter body size, less installation space requirements; low return clearance, more accurate positioning; helical gear double support cage planetary reducer frame structure, high reliability , can adapt to frequent forward and reverse rotation; the turret is equipped with circular push roller bearings to meet the requirements of heavy load conditions.

1. Low noise: Helical gear design, the reducer works quietly.

2. High precision: the backlash can reach within 3 arc minutes, and the positioning is accurate.

3. High rigidity and high load: The output shaft adopts the design of parallel tapered roller bearing, which greatly improves the rigidity and load capacity of the reducer.

4. Protection-free: low grease wear and life-long lubrication.

5. Good sealing effect: The lubricating grease has high viscosity characteristics, and the IP65 protection grade is selected to ensure that there is no leakage of the lubricating grease.

6. Free installation: reducer can be installed arbitrarily.


The current flange planetary reducer has made great progress in terms of quality and work efficiency. What is the reason?

1. Flanged output shaft in accordance with ISO 9409 specification

2. The structure design of the reducer is more reasonable.

3. The bearing quality and life of the reducer are improved.

4. The theoretical knowledge of the reducer is becoming more and more perfect, and it is closer to practice (such as gear strength calculation method, modification technology, deformation calculation, optimization design method, smooth transition of tooth root, new structure, etc.).

5. The quality of lubricating oil is improved.

6. The reducer is made of good materials, and all kinds of high-quality alloy steel forgings are used throughout the flange planetary reducer, and the quality control level of materials and heat treatment is improved.

 The effect of reducer in automatic production line

1) Decrease the final speed in the drive system, in other words, increase the speed of the servo motor during use, so that the daily use of the motor is as close to its maximum speed as possible, which can not only make the servo motor more stable output torque, supply more High positioning accuracy can also ensure the maximum efficiency and service life of the motor. Let's take an example. If your manipulator uses a servo motor plus a rack and pinion transmission method, we choose D=72mm for the diameter of the gear. When the extra speed of the servo motor is 3000r/min, then the operating speed of the manipulator, for example, we can only use the speed of 100 m/min, which means that the servo motor must always be stable at 440r/min. The output characteristics are not good for the motor, and it is too far from the extra speed, so what should I do?

2) Improve the final torque of the drive system. In many cases, when we choose a servo motor, the main parameters to consider are torque and power. The size of the torque directly determines the application scale of the servo motor and also determines whether your design is successful, but many times , both in terms of structure and cost, we are not enough to support the choice of a single servo motor drive that can meet the torque demand in our actual situation. That is to say, the structure and cost require us to choose a small servo motor, but the torque of this servo motor is too small to satisfy the actual application, so what should we do? At this time, a reducer is needed, and as we mentioned above, in order to fully exploit the energy efficiency of the servo motor, we need to use the reducer to improve the operating speed of the servo motor. This is really a match made in heaven, nothing is more perfect than this. things are up.

3) Improve the stability of inertial loads and reduce vibration. For the application of servo motors in automatic production lines, due to the high speed of operation, we generally have to consider an inertial problem, especially when the manipulator starts and stops. The greater the speed, the greater the inertia, and this inertia will have an opposite effect on the servo motor when the servo motor stops, causing a great impact on the servo motor, although the servo motor can change the acceleration of acceleration and deceleration through delay. To reduce the impact of this inertia, but there is always a part of the impact force that will eventually be transmitted to the servo motor, and the use of the reducer can minimize the impact of this inertia on the motor, because the inertial force is reversed through the reducer. The timing of the effect is a speed increase, so the generated torque will be correspondingly reduced and smaller, and the final impact on the servo motor will naturally become smaller.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the flange output reducer and the effect on the automatic production line. The application of the flange output reducer is widespread. There are different types of flange output reducers, right angle flange output, disc flange output, Different types have different functions. More relevant knowledge of reducers will be brought to you by Shenzhen sz-windrive.

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