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Common reducer types and their characteristics

Industry news|2022-02-26| admin

Now the reducer is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Its main function is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. It is the function of increasing the torque and matching the speed between the motor and the moving mechanism. As a relatively precise mechanical equipment, the reducer has various types, and the types of reducers used in different industries or mechanical equipment are also different. Today, I will introduce the classification characteristics of several common reducers.

There are many types of reducers, and different types are used in different operating mechanisms.

According to the type of transmission, reducers are divided into planetary reducers, which are characterized by compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life, and large output torque. The speed ratio is generally 3, the maximum will not exceed 10, there are some custom exceptions. Because of the characteristics of the planetary reducer, it is generally used in combination with stepper or servo motors;

The worm gear reducer has a large reduction ratio, the output and input shafts are not on the same axis and plane, the volume is large, the transmission efficiency is low, and the precision is poor;

Harmonic reducer, high precision, small size, but short service life, poor rigidity, low input speed;

According to the number of transmission stages, the reducer can be divided into single-pole, double-stage and multi-stage;

According to the form of gears, it can be divided into helical gear reducer, which has stable transmission and extremely low noise; spur gear reducer has large transmission torque, but there is a certain noise during operation.

According to the structure, it can be divided into coaxial reducer, the output and input are on the same axis and plane, angle reducer, the output shaft and the input shaft form a 90-degree angle; and the commutator, which is T-shaped, and a motor is replaced by There can be two output shafts behind the reverser.

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