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How about Newcastle planetary reducer PSFN?

Industry news|2022-02-26| admin

1. Structural characteristics of PSFN

Neugart planetary gearbox has a model PSFN gearbox. This type of gearbox is a flange output shaft. It is characterized by large rated output torque, strong torsional rigidity and high precision. The internal gear adopts helical teeth, so it has a good mute effect. The output end is equipped with preloaded angular contact bearings, which can withstand high axial and radial forces. The installation method is also more convenient than the shaft gearbox during use. If this gearbox is equipped with gears, it can be directly locked with screws, and it is also very convenient to disassemble. It is very difficult to remove the top wire or expansion sleeve connection. Even if it can be removed, the damage to the shaft is relatively large. Therefore, in the installation method, the advantages of the flange type gearbox are highlighted.

2. Industry application

This type of gearbox is mostly used in heavy-load industries, such as the Z-axis of a large gantry truss (gearbox with rack and pinion). Due to the heavy load and the vertical direction, it will generate a large radial force. If the output end is used The shaft-type gearbox, firstly, the output shaft of the gearbox is in danger of breaking the shaft, and secondly, the service life of the key on the output shaft is short, and it is very easy to wear and tear. After a long time, the gear installed on the output shaft of the gearbox will appear loose. , and then affect the positioning accuracy. Therefore, this industry recommends the use of flanged output gearboxs. The installation method of this gearbox and gear is to directly lock the gear and the output flange of the gearbox together through screws. This installation The advantage is that the force is relatively uniform, the gear will not be loose, and the radial force is very large.

3. Conclusion

       Although the PSFN type of gearbox has many advantages over the shaft output gearbox, the manufacturing cost will be much higher. Therefore, which gearbox to choose should be determined according to the actual situation, after all, the cost is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

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