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How to install the planetary gearbox with the motor

Industry news|2022-03-08| admin

First, determine the flange size of the gearbox connection according to the external dimensions of the motor, and then select the connection method. There are two connection methods between the motor and the gearbox, namely B5 and B14. B5 means that the motor end is locked to the gearbox end. The installation threads are M3\M4\M5\M6\M8\M10\M12\M16. The size of the through hole at the motor end corresponds to the different installation thread size of the gearbox end. NEUGART deceleration The flange size of the machine can be customized according to the size of the output end of the motor of different brands and models; B14 refers to the installation of the gearbox to the motor end. The difference between the two is that B5 is a large flange and B14 is a small flange. Install the motor shaft into the locking ring of the gearbox, and tighten the screw of the locking ring until the locking ring is locked with the motor shaft.


The connection between the gearbox and the load

The pre-designed adapter plate is connected with the flange of the output end of the gearbox. After the connection is completed, the adapter plate can be fixed on the load platform.

Debugging of gears and racks

According to the installation manual, first use the measuring rod and dial indicator to beat on the rack, mark the highest value of the beating, then also use the measuring rod and dial indicator to beat the gear, and similarly mark the highest beating tooth. Using the pre-calculated diameter of the index circle of the gear and the index line of the rack as the theoretical value, mesh the gear with the best tooth of the rack to prevent the gear from jamming during operation. tooth phenomenon.

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