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The characteristics of the output shaft and gear of the planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-08| admin

Selecting the appropriate output shaft of the planetary gearbox, stepping can effectively provide efficiency, and can also reduce some unnecessary losses during use, thereby ensuring an economical and safe working environment. The internal structure of the planetary gearbox is relatively complex, and it is a precision product. The processing process needs to be subdivided. Next, I will introduce the characteristics of the output shaft and gear of the planetary gearbox.


1. The spline output shaft of the gearbox has strong rigidity;

2. Output pinion - can improve a certain cutting accuracy;

3. The gearbox is a helical gear gearbox with high precision and low noise;

The connection between the gearbox and the gear is roughly divided into the following:

1. Flange output gearbox - screw locking gear; the disadvantage is that the gear is too large, the cutting speed can be increased, but the acceleration cannot be increased;

2. Flange output gearbox-welded gear; the disadvantage is extremely high cost; temporarily neugart does not provide this solution;

3. Shaft output gearbox - tensioning sleeve connecting gear; this scheme is rarely used by customers now, but the disadvantage is that the accuracy cannot achieve the expected effect, and the rigidity is not very strong;

4. Shaft output gearbox - flat key shrink-fit gear; this scheme is more common now, but the cutting accuracy and rigidity retention are not the best;

5. Shaft output gearbox - spline hot-loading gear; this scheme is now the best choice in the market, especially for high-power cutting machines, with good precision and rigidity retention, and can be matched with pinions, the overall cutting effect is the best ideal;

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