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Precision planetary gearbox manufacturer

Industry news|2022-03-09| admin

The NEUGART brand has a long history of nearly 100 years. It has 8 subsidiaries around the world. Parts are manufactured in Germany. China and the United States are the two major assembly plants. The product series is rich and has hundreds of reduction ratios. Compared with some European brands Shorter, has multiple offices in China, and establishes strategic partnership with many brand servo motor manufacturers

NEUGART planetary gearbox is used in laser cutting machine, lithium battery coating machine, digital printing machine, various packaging machinery (pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, filling machine, labeling machine), printing machine (rotary printing machine, Gravure printing machine, die-cutting machine), parallel manipulator, robot seventh axis, aluminum profile processing center, laminating machine, CNC pipe bending machine, computer spring machine, pharmaceutical equipment (light inspection machine), high-end woodworking machinery, AGV trolley, Fully automatic bag making machines are widely used.


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