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The reason for the decrease in the accuracy of the planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-10| admin

For a qualified precision planetary gearbox, the accuracy at the factory should be able to meet the accuracy requirements and standards at the time of design, but why some customers feedback after a period of use that the accuracy cannot reach the standard when it was just debugged, and It will gradually become worse and worse. The editor simply summarizes the following reasons for possible occurrences:

1. The reason for the mechanical design of the gearbox itself, that is, the fiction of the parameters of the product itself, such as torque, speed, rigidity, accuracy, etc.

2. Regarding the quality of the gearbox, there are some brand gearboxs. In order to reduce costs and lower the selling price, relatively poor steel is often selected when selecting materials for the production of the gearbox, resulting in a decrease in the gear strength of the gearbox, and the overall The rigidity decreases, and the operation of the equipment will not be affected at the beginning. As time goes on, the strength of the gear is not enough to wear out, and the accuracy decreases accordingly.

3. Wrong type selection and structural design. To determine the type selection of a gearbox, it is necessary to consider speed, accuracy, load, rigidity, and inertia ratio. If the size of the gearbox is selected to be small, the overall rigidity is not enough, and it will also be used at the beginning. There will be no problem. After a long time, it will carry a large load for a long time, or occasionally collide with the machine, resulting in a large torque, and the precision of the gearbox will gradually decrease, or even damage. If you choose a larger size gearbox, then use The cost will increase, as for the design issues, this article will not elaborate too much.

The above is a brief summary of the reasons why the precision of the gearbox may decrease. Shenzhen Win-drive Automation brings you more knowledge about planetary gearboxs.

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