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What are the common problems in the work of planetary gearbox?

Industry news|2022-03-17| admin

It is very right that the industries that use planetary gearboxs often encounter some problems in their work, such as the output shaft does not rotate, the gearbox shaft is broken, etc. So how did these problems arise? These have a lot to do with the application situation. Today, I will introduce to you what are the common problems of planetary gearboxs? Hope it can help everyone.

1. The motor works normally, and the output shaft of the gearbox does not rotate

Check whether the locking ring of the motor shaft and the input end of the gearbox is locked tightly. If it has been locked and the output shaft of the gearbox still does not rotate, you need to remove the motor and turn the output end of the gearbox by hand to see if it is stuck.

2. The noise of the gearbox is too high when working

The noise of the gearbox is generally because the input speed is too high. The input speed can be reduced by reducing the reduction ratio. In addition, the noise of the helical gear gearbox is smaller than that of the straight gear gearbox.

3. The gearbox leaks oil

The main reason for oil leakage is the increase in the internal pressure of the gearbox, and the reason for the increase in pressure is the increase in temperature, that is, the speed is too high, and the input speed needs to be reduced.

4. The bearing at the output end of the gearbox is easily damaged

Generally, it is because the gearbox using deep groove ball bearings is selected. The output shaft of this gearbox cannot bear too much axial force and radial force, because long-term work will easily lead to damage to the bearing. A gearbox with tapered roller bearings is required.

5. The shaft of the gearbox is broken

The broken shaft is usually due to the excessive bending moment on the output shaft of the gearbox converted from the load at the output end, which can be solved by reducing the distance between the load acting point and the root of the shaft or selecting a larger size gearbox.

6. The precision of the gearbox drops too fast

Accuracy drops too fast generally because the working conditions are relatively bad, resulting in the gearbox often running under high load conditions, and the internal gear tooth making accuracy is not high, so the gear wear will be faster. When choosing a gearbox, try to choose a gearbox with a larger torque, and try to choose a foreign brand.

7. Why is the bearing torque of the gearbox not proportional to the reduction ratio?

Because the box size of the gearbox is fixed, too large or too small a gearbox will cause the sun gear or planetary gear to be very small, resulting in a decrease in the bearing capacity. Therefore, the speed ratio closer to the middle of the gearbox is usually the stronger the bearing capacity.

 The above is the relevant knowledge about the common problems of planetary gearbox. For more gearbox knowledge, pay attention to Shenzhen Win-drive Automation.

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