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Industry news|2022-03-16| admin

There are many application industries for racks. STRRONSE racks are widely used in laser cutting machines, gantry trusses, etc. These require high precision for racks. Racks have two main processes: quenching and tempering and quenching. What are the characteristics of quenching and tempering treatment and high frequency quenching? Let's find out together next!

In the precision rack quenching process, the rack is placed on the inductor, the cylinder is lowered, the rack is pressed, the induction electrode, the rack and the inductor are connected, and the distance between the inductor and the rack can be adjusted as required. The longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields heat the tooth surface, the heating speed is fast, and the heating time is controlled. After reaching a certain temperature, the equipment does not stop heating, and automatically sprays quenching liquid on the tooth surface to complete the quenching process.

The precision rack quenching process has the characteristics of longitudinal and transverse composite magnetic field induction heating and quenching. The heating efficiency and speed are relatively fast, and the hardness distribution of the hardened layer is relatively uniform, and the power consumption is small. Precise control and small deformation.

Its working principle is: when the high-frequency power supply is turned on, the electrical contact and the inductor are connected to form a loop, and the sample above the inductor becomes the induction heating body. In this way, the surface of the workpiece is heated by the longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields, so that the rack can be heated uniformly. Compared with my previous high-frequency heating, the heating current is concentrated, the density is high, and the heating speed is fast. In this way, the power density for heating the workpiece surface is several times that of conventional induction heating, and the rack surface can be heat treated with high efficiency and high quality.

For mechanical parts, such as shaft parts and transmission parts, some processing to adjust the internal structure is required before or after processing, so in many cases, various processing has become an indispensable way for these parts. Modulation processing and high-frequency quenching of precision racks are commonly used methods. So what is the effect of doing this?

Modulation processing of precision racks: First of all, understand what rack modulation processing means. Racks are processing methods that combine quenching and high temperature tempering. This processing method is to adjust the hardness of rack blanks, and to process gently and casually. This kind of processing is generally carried out before machining, and some internal properties of the rack blank are changed first, and then machining is carried out.

Induction quenching treatment of rack: Induction quenching treatment is the hardening treatment of the surface of the rack. Generally for carbon structural steel with carbon content above 35%, such as 45#, 40Gr and other materials. Generally, after the rack factory undergoes high-frequency treatment, the hardness will meet the requirements for use. The hardness after the modulation treatment in this way cannot reach the hardness of the quenching treatment, but the knowledge of the induction quenching treatment is for the tooth surface.

The above is about the characteristics of precision rack quenching and tempering treatment and high-frequency quenching process. Shenzhen Win-drive will continue to provide you with more rack-related knowledge, and professionally provide precision rack manufacturers!

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