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Basic information on R+W safety couplings

Industry news|2022-03-16| admin

Optional function modes of the torque limiter


standard form

After removing the overload, the steel ball will re-engage accurately 360 degrees in the original direction.

The position of the synchronous axis is fixed and the disconnection signal is sent when overloaded

Preloaded for zero backlash; suitable for high precision drives


After the overload condition is cleared, the steel ball automatically and accurately repositions in its original orientation.

After the overload is excluded, the machine can work immediately. When the overload is transmitted, the standard re-engagement angle is 60 degrees.

Optional re-engagement angles of 30, 45, 90 and 120 degrees preload for zero backlash; ideal for high precision drives


The spring snaps in the center and changes direction

Complete disengagement under overload, continuous disengagement of drive and driven parts

Disconnect signal when overloaded

Requires manual engagement at multiple bays (standard is 60 degrees; other engagement positions can be substituted upon request) Can be applied to high-speed systems

Note: If you want to use the coupling manual release method, please contact us for details.

spring in disengaged state


Free Spinning, Load Blocking

Couplings for measuring torque

Overload makes the transmission and driven parts not disengage, or limited disengagement

After the torque drops, it can automatically engage and transmit a disconnection signal when overloaded. It is used on presses and hoisting machinery.

Basic Information

R+W safety couplings mainly rely on the spring force and cooperate with the shape to act, which can protect the close driving elements (such as motors, transmissions and total shafts) from damage caused by overloading.

Torque is transmitted by high-hardness steel balls arranged in conical pockets with zero backlash. The steel ball is pressed into the recess by the disc spring through the action ring. Stepless adjustment of release torque by adjusting nut When overload occurs, the steel ball will break away from its stop device, move the switch plate, and the disc spring system exits the stop device, so that the input and output of the safety coupling are separated. The movement of the switch plate can be detected by the proximity switch, which sends a shutdown signal to the transmission.

Performance of safety couplings


In the fail-safe state, the spring springs up as a whole, driving the action ring to separate from the steel ball coupling and idling when the transmission and driven parts are not connected.

The steel ball design is the same in both the SK and ES2 models

The safety coupling in the R+W fail-safe state can be re-engaged at any 6 positions with only a small pressure after one rotation. The engagement position must be marked on the R+W coupling. .

For coupling sizes 60Nm and above, there is a recess in the torque adjustment nut to allow the use of 2 levers in an independent manner.

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