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How to choose the gear rack of laser cutting machine correctly

Industry news|2022-03-15| admin

Gear racks are widely used in laser cutting machines, and laser cutting machines have relatively high precision requirements for racks. There are also many rack manufacturers in the market, with different manufacturing levels. How to choose a laser cutting machine for use? the rack? Let's find out together next!

1. Level

What kind of accuracy grade is selected means mechanical operation, mainly positioning accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy.

2. Information

The selection of materials has a lot to do with its force, and of course it has a lot to do with its service life.

3. Tooth shape

Generally, there are two types of teeth, one is straight and the other is helical. Straight teeth are simple in planning, convenient in production, convenient in inspection and operation, and relatively simple in assembly. They are generally used in high, medium and low-speed operation occasions where medium and low loads are transmitted; the planning, production, inspection and assembly of helical teeth are more complicated than those of straight teeth. Because the meshing coincidence is large, the noise is low, and the transmission load is large, it is suitable for medium and low speed and high torque transmission occasions.

4. Tooth surface treatment

Generally, there are two kinds of fine milling and fine grinding, and the specific difference is also reflected in the accuracy.

5. Hardness treatment

The hardness of the rack can be recognized and selected according to your operating environment, load and service life requirements.

First, let's talk about the precautions for the use of gears in laser cutting machines:

1. Confirm whether the gear is in place before starting

2. The contact of the gear cannot be biased to one end

3. Avoid use without backlash

4. Have proper lubrication

5. If the gear is exposed outside, be sure to install a protective cover to ensure safety.

6. When the gears are rolling, do not touch

7. When there is abnormal noise and vibration during operation, please stop the machine to confirm the gear meshing and assembly.

Gears are wheel-shaped mechanical parts that rely on the meshing of teeth to transmit torque. The gears are transmitted with other toothed mechanical parts (such as another gear, rack, worm), which can change the speed and torque, change the direction of movement, and change the way of movement, etc. Function. Because of the advantages of high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, and large power scale, the gear structure is widely used in industrial products. The teeth of the gears are interlocked with each other, and one gear will drive the other gear to roll to transmit power. By separating the two gears, it is also possible to use chains, tracks, and belts to drive the gears at both ends to transmit power.

The tooth profile of the rack is a straight line instead of an involute, which is equivalent to an infinite cylindrical gear with an index circle radius. Racks can be divided into spur racks and helical racks, which are used in pairs with spur gears and helical gears respectively.

In the application of the laser cutting machine, the rack and the cylindrical gear are generally used for power transmission of the servo motor, so that the laser cutting head can move in the X, Y and Z directions to achieve the intention of cutting workpieces of various shapes. The helical racks and gears are widely used in the production of laser cutting machines because of their better meshing, smooth transmission, and low noise.

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