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What parameters are required for the selection of torque limiters

Industry news|2022-03-15| admin

Torque limiter, also known as safety coupling, is generally used for the connection between the power output side and the load side. Generally, a disconnected torque value is set according to the actual production needs. Once the torque is overloaded, the set torque is exceeded. When the value is reached, the torque limiter will be separated and idle, thus effectively protecting the power take-off machinery (such as motor, reducer, servo motor) and the load.

The following electromechanical parameters need to be paid attention to when selecting the torque limiter:

1. The connection method of the torque limiter; shaft-shaft, shaft-flange, shaft-synchronous pulley, shaft-sprocket, shaft-gear, shaft-pulley, etc.;

2. The disconnection range of the torque limiter; this is generally selected according to the needs of the production equipment, and a disconnection value is set. This value must be within the adjustable range of the torque limiter, and the set value is in the middle of the adjustable range. Well, if the selection of the torque limiter is too large, and the overload condition cannot reach the disengagement working torque, the equipment will be damaged, but if the selection is too small, the equipment will always be in the disengaged state. also does not work properly;

3. The reset method after disengagement; the torque limiter of R+W is divided into W = synchronous type, also called automatic reset mode, as the name implies, it will automatically reset after the torque limiter is disengaged (generally rotate 360°), F = failure The protection type, that is, the manual reset method, needs to be manually reset after the equipment is stopped. These two types are the most widely used in practical applications. 90° and 120°) reset, and closed type (generally used in presses and hoisting machinery)

4. The aperture of the torque limiter; generally determined according to the shaft size of the power side and the load;

Generally, the corresponding torque limiter model can be determined according to the above technical parameters of the machine.

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