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R+W blind metal bellows coupling BK5

Industry news|2022-03-14| admin

R+W's BK5 Bellows Couplings are ideal for use in complex, hard-to-reach assembly environments and feature a two-piece pluggable design. This eliminates the need to drill tedious access holes in the housing and rotate the coupling into proper alignment for turning the locking screw. This coupling can simply be split axially without fear of shaft clamping.

We offer bushing connections in several standard designs with a single locking screw according to DIN 4762, as well as a tapered clamping bushing for axial mounting on the shaft with very high compressive forces. It is also possible to choose from our standard range of other bushing designs to be used with this two-piece coupling. There are two main mating styles for these special connections. The single point(S) design ensures that the components are oriented the same every time they are installed. This enables the precise angular positioning system to be put back into operation without additional time-consuming verification or adjustment.

Provides multiple engagement positions and easier assembly when using the multi-point (M) design. In addition to a fixed number of positions, this special edition of the prime M design features multiple inner meshes and chamfers that engage regardless of the travel position. is output in the office

One of the best tools to use in environments where downtime and production disruption can lead to increased unit costs. These plug-in design couplings enable quick assembly and disassembly of system components for maintenance, with the goal of reducing assembly and disassembly time and saving costs.

A customer used to choose standard metal bellows products. However, the standard design is not enough to meet Xinhu's current specific system requirements. Repetition of the difficult assembly and plate unloading process damaged the bellows. Severe buckling during assembly

The bellows are out of reach. And disassembly causes the bellows to be stretched and pulled too far. Therefore, our technical team provides customers with a special custom solution to solve difficult assembly situations. R+W has designed a A special structure with an internal elastomer prevents this damage, by using three spacer bolts connected by drilled holes on the bushing, the metal bellows can be prevented from being deformed and damaged during installation and removal.

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