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Planetary gear gearbox fault and elimination

Industry news|2022-03-14| admin

Planetary gearbox gear gearboxs often suffer from wear or oil leakage during long-term work. How to solve these problems, or prevent these problems from happening, then I will introduce you to the faults and troubleshooting of planetary gear gearboxs related information.

The phenomenon of frequent quality failures of planetary gear gearboxs is as follows:

1) Oil leakage of planetary gearbox. Oil leakage problem.

1. Oil leakage from the screw plug. Oil leakage;

2. Oil leakage on the joint surface. Oil leakage;

3. Oil seal leakage. Oil leakage;

4. Brake oil leakage. Oil leakage.

1. The screw plug of the planetary gearbox leaks oil.

The screw plug of the planetary gearbox leaks oil. There are three main types of oil spills:

1.) The screw plug is not tightened, resulting in the assembly not being compacted and unable to seal, and the screw plug is tightened.

2.) Tighten the screw plug reciprocatingly, so that the damage of the assembly will fail in advance. If the screw plug is reciprocated and tightened, the new assembly will be replaced.

3.) The screw plug connection is too rough, which is the failure of the sealing of the assembly, which increases the roughness here.

The planetary gearbox vent plug leaks oil. There are four main sources of oil spills:

1. The planetary gearbox operates continuously in a high temperature environment, and oil and gas must occur in the gearbox. The gear lubricating oil splashes, and part of the oil and gas remains in the oil passage of the ventilation plug. The temperature of the oil passage is relatively low, and the oil and gas condense into oil droplets and seep out from the ventilation plug hole. At this time, oil leakage is within the normal range. When the oil droplets become continuous oil lines during continuous operation, excess lubricating oil is formed in the gearbox due to the leakage of the vent plugs.

2. When the planetary gearbox is installed to refuel, excessive refueling is formed. Our company's planetary gearbox has clear requirements for the amount of refueling, which requires a warning sign on the dust cover of the equipment motor. This is why the oil filler plug in the direction of the horizontal line in the connection surface of the hydraulic motor can be removed, and the upper planetary gearbox rotates at high speed with no load, so that the oil overflows. When the oil slowly overflows, stop the rotation of the planetary gearbox, and tighten the screw plug to meet the refueling requirement.

3. Oil leakage of hydraulic motor, oil leakage, poor oil return of hydraulic motor oil return port or oil seal failure of rotary skeleton, hydraulic system hydraulic pressure is full of planetary gearbox gearbox. Generally speaking, it is difficult to detect oil leakage when hydraulic motors are empty. Oil leaks are only found after loading.

Detection method: Remove the brake oil pipe of the planetary gearbox, block the pipe joint with screws, let the hydraulic motor press for a period of time, and check whether the ventilation plug has oil overflow, and the hydraulic motor shaft leaks oil. If the hydraulic motor is leaking oil, it is difficult to determine the source of the oil, so the oil seal of the shaft head must be carefully checked.

4. The planetary gearbox brake has oil leakage, oil leakage, brake seal failure, and the hydraulic system hydraulically fills the planetary gearbox gearbox. Judging by the fourth item above, it is not the hydraulic motor that leaks oil. Oil leaks, replace brake seals.

2. The joint surface of the planetary gearbox leaks oil. Oil spills are mainly caused by the following two factors:

①The surface of the joint is not compacted, check whether there is a gap on the surface of the joint, if there is, remove all the connecting screws, remove the parts with the process thread, and check whether the sealing ring is damaged. Ageing. The amount of shrinkage is sufficient, and whether there is any debris on the surface of the joint. If none of the above, clean the joint surface (remember that the rubber parts cannot be cleaned with gasoline), apply a lubricant to the spigots and seals, install, tighten the screws, then check the joint surface for gaps. If there is a machining error of the parts, apply end face sealant (586 end face sealant) on the surface of the joint, and the replacement of the relevant processing parts takes a long time.

② Seal failure, remove all connecting screws, remove parts with process threads, and check whether the sealing ring is damaged. Ageing. If the amount of tightening is sufficient, if there is any debris on the surface of the joint, replace the relevant seals. If there is little or no tightening of the seal, apply sealant to the surface of the joint, and the cycle of replacing the relevant machined parts will be longer. In case of emergency, deal with the above methods, and replace the relevant processing parts when conditions permit.

3. Five factors for oil leakage of the rotary skeleton oil seal of the planetary gearbox:

1 Radial pressure: During the process of rotating connection with the journal, radial load occurs on the oil seal lip, that is, radial pressure. This pressure has a large effect on the wear rate and sealing performance of the oil seal lip. If the radial pressure is too small, the friction is greatly reduced, the sealing performance is seriously reduced, and oil leakage or serious oil leakage occurs. If the radial pressure is too large, although it is beneficial to improve the sealing performance of the oil seal lip and increase the friction, it is difficult to form an excellent oil film, which will increase the secondary wear, and the oil seal will fail in a short time, resulting in oil leakage. Reasonably control the radial force of the rotary skeleton oil seal.

2. The machining accuracy of the rotating shaft: the appearance roughness of the journal, the radial runout of the journal, the coaxiality of the rotating shaft and the oil seal of the rotating skeleton. That is to continuously improve the accuracy of machined parts.

3. The quality of the rotary skeleton oil seal itself and the working temperature of the rotation speed of the rotating shaft: the lip smoothness of the rotary skeleton oil seal. The service life of the rotary skeleton oil seal is determined according to the operating temperature of the rotating shaft speed.

4. The working environment of the rotary skeleton oil seal: the rotary skeleton oil seal is short of lubricating oil or the lubricating oil is too dirty, and debris such as sediments are adsorbed on the lips, aggravating the lips. The wear of the rotating shaft makes it loose with the rotating shaft, and a smooth oil film cannot be formed, resulting in the failure of the oil seal of the rotating skeleton.

5. Transfer method of rotary skeleton oil seal: Improper installation method is also a factor that causes oil leakage, such as skeleton deformation, sealing lip tearing, curling, self-tightening spring falling off, etc.

The oil seal of the rotary skeleton of the planetary gearbox is leaking. Identify and protect oil spills.

Regarding the planetary gearbox, it is first necessary to determine whether it is a joint surface. Oil leaking screw. Oil leak, roller. When there is lubricating oil in the drive wheel and fresh lubricating oil on the outer joint surface, and there is no lubricating oil on the back of the connecting flange surface, it can only be determined that the joint surface or the plug has oil leakage. Oil leakage can be protected according to the above.

The above is about the knowledge of planetary gear gearbox faults and troubleshooting. Most of the common problems of the gearbox are caused by improper use or installation methods during use. More maintenance and regular inspections are required during use. It can effectively reduce the failure of the gearbox, and can also better eliminate the failure.

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