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NEUGART planetary gearbox PLPE

Industry news|2022-03-19| admin

NEUGART series PLPE planetary gearbox has the characteristics of economical gearbox, and also has its own improvement on this basis. Because it is equipped with large-sized deep groove ball bearings, it has high axial force and radial force, and does not require Other bearing assemblies, drive parts can also be easily installed on the output shaft. This PLPE planetary gearbox has excellent performance, outstanding energy saving and high cost performance. PLPE's bearings are designed with low friction loss and optimized lubrication function, have a long working time in the work, and produce low to medium heat.

The PLPE gearbox has five structural sizes of 50, 70, 90, 120 and 155, a total of 17 speed ratios from 3 to 100, PLPE rated torque 5-460Nm, radial force 800-5200N, axial force 1000-7000N, return stroke Clearance 7-19arcmin. The output shaft can be customized according to the application environment, and a variety of output shafts are available.

This gearbox has a good application in the food and printing industries. NEUGART adopts the principle of modular design and can be modified in many ways. Purchasing costs will be reduced very well, and product quality can be guaranteed at the same time.

Shenzhen Win-drive has cooperated with NEUGART since its establishment, has many years of cooperation experience, and has rich industry experience in the planetary gearbox industry. Professional technology provides selection services, delivery quality assurance, and technical expertise.

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