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NEUGART with output shaft gearbox PLHE

Industry news|2022-03-21| admin

The difference between the PLHE planetary gearbox and the economical type is that it is economical and the precision is greatly improved. The plhe adopts stainless steel for the outer casing, and the output shaft is the same as the N series pln, using alloy steel, which can withstand large load torque and large radial forces. PLHE is equipped with preloaded tapered roller bearings to ensure that the gearbox has high rigidity and load capacity, and the self-developed seal can effectively prevent dust and splash water from entering the gearbox.


PLHE structure gears include PLHE060, PLHE080, PLHE120, and there are 16 speed ratios i=3-100 to choose from. The rated torque range is 15-260Nm, the radial force can reach 3200-6000N, the axial force range is 4400-8000N, and the return clearance accuracy can reach 7-12arcmin. PLHE is a coaxial gearbox. The output end has an extra-long centering ring and a square output flange. The output shaft can be splined and equipped with high-precision pinions.

Automation/Robotics: Economical Gearbox Solutions; Extensive Experience in Drives

Food industry: proven hygienic design; comprehensive application knowledge

Packaging equipment: gearbox is flexible and durable; economical gearbox solution

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Machine tools: Extensive application experience; gearboxes are reliable and have an extremely long service life

Agricultural products industry: Reliable operation and extremely long service life of the gearbox; suitable for harsh environments

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