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How to maintain the automatic high-precision planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-23| admin

Planetary gearboxs play a very important role in all walks of life, such as in the CNC machine tool industry. There is still a lot of knowledge about the gearbox. Today, let’s analyze how to maintain the high-precision planetary gearbox. Before use, the gearbox needs to be checked on a basic level, and the later stage is maintenance and lubrication.

The practical operation method is to disassemble the main shaft through the coupling, open the cover of the planetary gearbox, and drain the lubricating oil of the gearbox. Clean these gears with cotton yarn and block any bearings with asbestos pads during the climb. Prevent the bearing from intrusion and grinding equipment due to abrasives and other impurities. Use a rack to fix the high point of the convex tooth surface, and use an electric file to polish the concave tooth surface. Stir with white lead oil and an appropriate amount of oil to form a paste. Brush the brush between them evenly over all the study gears. Then start the main motor and run back and forth.

When the meshing contact area of the gear reaches the length, height and smoothness of the gear, after stopping grinding and grinding, carefully clean the internal parts of the planetary gearbox such as bearings, gears and abrasives on the gear shaft with kerosene, and then use cotton cloth and dough Clean all parts and housings to prevent residual abrasive from accelerating gear wear. In subsequent operations, the meshing clearance of the worn gear with the guide surface of the corrected bearing is measured. And record the cover plate of the planetary gearbox to seal the joint surface to prevent oil leakage. Make the connector, remove the car's ground ring, and do the appropriate tests. First run in at half speed with no load, run in at full speed with no load, and then run in at half speed with full load. The whole running-in time is about to be checked, and there is no problem, and the equipment protection work ends here.

Regarding the centralized lubrication gearbox system, due to the high temperature requirements for the lubrication oil or the oil tank, a cooler or a cooling coil is generally used for cooling. Regarding the water-cooled lubrication system, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent water leakage and unnecessary damage to the precision planetary gearbox. For the gearbox system with smooth pump circulation, pay attention to the pressure difference of the pump, and clean the filter in time; prevent the new oil from mixing with the old oil, or add high-viscosity oil in order to reach a certain viscosity due to the decrease in viscosity; the oil-using equipment should be monitored regularly. If the oil temperature, vibration and noise are high, the tooth surface damage caused by poor smooth conditions will directly lead to the obvious enhancement of the vibration and noise.

It is forbidden to mix different lubricating oils with each other. For planetary gearboxs with oil level plugs, check whether the installation orientation of the oil level plugs is qualified. After oil change and cooling, the viscosity of the oil increases. Wait until the planetary gearbox has cooled down and there is no risk of burning before draining the oil. Inject new oil of the same brand; the amount of oil should be consistent with the orientation of the device; check the oil level at the oil level plug; tighten the oil level plug and vent hole; when changing the oil, the gearbox should be kept warm; put an oil under the oil drain plug pan; open oil level plugs, vent plugs and drain plugs; remove all oil; install drain plugs. Check the oil level to ensure safety: cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock! Wait for the gearbox to cool down; remove the oil level plug to see if the oil is full; install the oil level plug. Check the viscosity index of the oil. With the power cut off, open the oil plug and take an oil sample. Check the viscosity index of the oil; if the oil is visibly dirty, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

The above is the relevant knowledge about how to maintain the high-precision planetary gearbox. For more knowledge about the planetary gearbox, please pay attention to Shenzhen Win-drive Automation.

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