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What are the advantages of NEUGART gearbox?

Industry news|2022-03-24| admin

Introduction to NEUGART

NEUGART was established in 1928. At the beginning, it was only making precision gears for precision machinery such as clocks. In 1975, it began to produce planetary gearboxs. Later, it found a good development prospect in China. At the end of the 20th century, it entered the Chinese market and was established in 2004. NEUGART Shenyang Co., Ltd. Shenyang is one of the three overseas assembly plants of NEUGART, with sufficient stock of common models of gearboxs and perfect after-sale services. The parts of the gearbox are all processed in Germany and installed in Shenyang by transportation. In the process of purchasing the gearbox, customers can provide customized services according to the selection requirements.

Advantages of NEUGART gearboxs

Compared with the general planetary gearbox, NEUGART has many advantages, mainly:

1. Operation without noise

The NEUGART gearbox can realize low noise or even noiseless operation mode. Most of the noise sources of the gearbox are internal gears or installation problems, which not only affect the production environment, but also cause some harm to people's body and mind. For this reason, NEUGART produces high-quality products. Precision gears can be effectively meshed, and the gears are of high precision, so the operation will naturally have a low-noise or noise-free environment. This is also the reason why NEUGART gearboxs are favored by users.

2. High production efficiency

The production efficiency of a series of NEUGART gearboxs is relatively high, mainly because the bearings used in the gearboxs are different. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand large radial and axial forces, and angular contact roller bearings have high loads. The process generates very low heat, can continue uninterrupted movement, and can also operate reliably in demanding production environments. Flanged locating pin holes also provide additional protection.

3. High precision and economy

The accuracy requirement of planetary gearbox is relatively high in gearbox. As long as the accuracy of planetary gearbox is effectively guaranteed, the quality of the produced products will also be guaranteed, then it is the equipment that customers are satisfied with and assured. The basic conditions for this gearbox to play its advantages. The NEUGART gearbox is equipped with a new type of helical gear and hypoid gear. When the gear meshing precision is high, the precision can reach within 0.02mm. This precision gearbox is suitable for some high-precision production conditions, and the operation is stable and quiet.

NEUGART planetary gearbox-Shenzhen Win-drive Automation

There are many manufacturers of planetary gearbox, why choose Shenzhen Win-drive Automation :

1. Reasonable price

NEUGART gearbox has rich experience in the gearbox industry. The precision gearbox greatly improves the accuracy of production, and has some impact on the price. Compared with other brands, the overall price of NEUGART gearbox is reasonable. Fair.

2. Better service

Shenzhen Weidong's service is also very perfect. We can provide customers with comprehensive and complete system services in planetary gearboxs, couplings, racks and pinions, and also ensure that our equipment can create larger and more customer satisfaction with Shenzhen WeDong is also very high.

If you have the purchase intention of NEUGART gearbox or are still in the selection period, Shenzhen Win-drive Technology can provide you with professional product information data and systematic selection plan for you to choose.

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