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Common fault analysis and solutions of rack and pinion

Industry news|2022-03-24| admin

In the process of using the rack and pinion, there are often some problems. How to quickly find the reasons and solutions in these problems? Shenzhen Win-drive has summarized the analysis and solutions of several common problems of rack and pinion for your reference. Specific problems need to be analyzed according to the actual situation. After finding the problems, they can be better solved. What common problems are summarized in detail, let's take a look together!

1. The gear noise becomes larger

It is a very common problem that the gear noise becomes louder. It may be that the gear transmission is damaged, you can check the gear transmission; or the installation of the rack and pinion is wrong, you need to refer to the installation steps to check whether the rack is installed correctly; finally It may be that the lubrication fails, and it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the lubrication system.

2. The working temperature rises

The reason for this may be that the design of the rack and pinion is unreasonable, and the design parameters need to be checked; or the transmission of the gear is overheated, and the transmission needs to be checked at this time, and heat dissipation equipment needs to be added when necessary; it may also be the surrounding ambient temperature. If it is too high, you need to add enough cooling to reduce the temperature.

3. Lubricating oil leakage

Lubricating oil leakage is also a relatively common problem. In this regard, the amount of lubricant may be too high. At this time, it is necessary to remove the excess lubricating oil to correct the lubrication frequency and dosage, or to check the gear transmission and lubrication system to check where there is a problem.

4. Friction cracks appear on the tooth surface

In the case of cracks on the tooth surface of the rack and pinion, the reasons may be poor lubrication, poor use environment, wrong lubricating oil, magnetic influence, etc. In this case, it is necessary to correct the lubrication frequency and dosage, here Jane uses an automatic lubrication system; the environment used should be kept clean and dry, and the rack should not be affected by the external environment; or it may be caused by improper lubricating oil, and it needs to be replaced; before installation, determine whether the gear and rack have magnetic.

5. Gear breakage

When the gear is broken, it is necessary to confirm whether it is due to the following reasons: overload, equipment collision, pitting corrosion on the tooth surface, poor lubrication, poor parallelism or verticality. When encountering these problems, the corresponding solutions are to check the design parameters, ensure that there is no foreign matter in the operating range of the equipment, the emergency stop device is normal, operate the equipment according to the regulations, ensure that there is good lubricant in the operating range, and ensure that there is no foreign matter in the operating range. Good lubricant, reconfirmed rack installation unknown accuracy. If it is not the above reasons, then you need to check whether it is caused by other reasons.

6. The positioning error is too large

When the positioning error of the rack and pinion is too large, it is necessary to check whether the position between the gear and the rack is wrong, and it is necessary to reconfirm the unknown accuracy of the rack installation.

The above is the common fault analysis and solutions of rack and pinion. Shenzhen Win-drive specializes in the production of rack and pinion. For more rack products related selection inquiries, please come to consult.

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