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R+W Coupling Manufacturer BK3 Bellows Coupling Supplier-BK3 Selection Quotation

Industry news|2022-03-29| admin

The BK3 bellows coupling body is made of high-performance stainless steel, and the shaft sleeve is completely steel, with high rigidity. Features high clamping force. The two conical sleeves of the BK3 coupling are mounted on the flexible bellows with high coaxiality and can withstand 1.5 times overload for a short time. Moreover, the dynamic balance of this reducer is relatively good, suitable for use in high-speed situations, and can also be dynamically balanced according to the customer's usage. When installing, because the BK3 coupling has a conical clamping sleeve, in order to ensure that the bellows is evenly stressed during use, it is necessary to use a torque wrench to tighten the screws. Moreover, when the shaft sleeve is installed, it is necessary to test the coaxiality of the two shaft sleeves, which is also for a better production and use process.


What are the BK3 model specifications?

Due to its high rigidity, low moment of inertia, coaxiality, and the ability to transmit torque precisely, this model meets the technical and economic requirements of the drive industry and is therefore highly valued. Moreover, there are relevant application data in packaging machinery, printing machinery, paper processing machinery, and textile machinery, and the industry experience is also very rich.

This coupling has BK3/15, BK3/30, BK3/60, BK3/150, BK3/200, BK3/300, BK3/500, BK3/800, BK3/1500, BK3/4000, BK3/6000, BK3/10000 specification, among these model specifications, BK3/150, BK3/200, these two models are often used by users, and the application industry is also very wide. And according to these model specifications, with different sizes of bushings, the models that can be selected increase accordingly.

Shenzhen Weidong automation equipment agent R+W brand, after years of sales in the coupling industry, rich experience in the application industry, technology provides services such as selection and quotation.

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