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What are the advantages of hardened planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-27| admin

There are many types of planetary gearboxs, which can be classified according to gears, output methods, basic styles, etc. Today, I will introduce one of them - hard-toothed planetary gearboxs. The hardened gear gearbox is made of high-strength and low-carbon alloy steel for carburizing hardening. The gear surface has high hardness, high precision and high transmission efficiency. It has the characteristics of long life and heavy load! The gears of the hard-tooth surface gearbox are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel quenched tooth surfaces, with high tooth surface hardness, and the gears are processed by CNC grinding, with high precision, good contact performance, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, and low noise; small size and light weight , long life, strong carrying capacity; easy to disassemble the equipment. So what are the advantages of the hardened gear gearbox? Today I will introduce it to you in detail.

1. Center distance, center height, transmission ratio priority.

2. The parameters of the device.

3. The gears are made of high-quality, high-strength, low-carbon alloy steel, carburized, quenched, and ground. The tooth surface has high hardness, and the precision reaches the 6th grade.

4. High transmission efficiency and low noise.

 1. The gears of the hard-toothed gearbox are made of special steel, and through the carburizing and quenching process, the surface hardness of the gear is above HRC45; the gears of the soft-toothed gearbox are mostly cut and ground from a whole piece of steel, and the gear hardness is low;

2. The gears of the hard tooth surface gearbox have high hardness, and the load and torque that can be accepted are much larger, and the wear resistance and service life are also better than those of the soft tooth surface, so the working conditions are relatively bad and the load is heavy. , Such as cranes, mining equipment, large cement mixers, sewage treatment equipment, etc. must use hard tooth surface gearboxs to be able to be used satisfactorily;

3. The soft tooth surface gearbox is generally used on equipment with relatively small motor power because the gear hardness is not high and the acceptable load is low. The motor power of the soft tooth surface gearbox generally does not exceed 3.7kw;

4. The hard tooth surface gearbox has a long processing cycle and high cost; the soft tooth surface gearbox has a short manufacturing cycle and the cost is much lower than that of the hard tooth surface gearbox;

5. The hardness of the output and input shafts of the hard-toothed gearbox is also much higher than that of the soft-toothed gearbox;

What are the primary advantages of hardened gear gearboxs? Its stability directly affects the performance of the entire transmission system. However, if you purchase a hardened gear gearbox with unqualified hardness, or if the operating cycle is too long or overloaded, the wear of the hardened gear will be accelerated and the normal operation of the transmission system will be affected.

NEUGART gearbox is the so-called hard tooth surface gearbox. This gearbox has many advantages and is widely used in various industries. PSN, PLE, WPSFN, PSFN, PLPE and other models are used in laser cutting, truss, printing, food, and industrial manufacturing. Has a wide range of applications. After the parts are manufactured in Germany, the assembly plant in Shenyang assembles them. Shenzhen Win-drive Automation has cooperated with them for many years and has great advantages in terms of price and delivery time.

High-strength and low-carbon alloy steel gears are carburized and quenched, with high tooth surface hardness. The gears are processed by CNC gear grinding process, with high precision, good contact surface, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, low noise; small size, light weight, long life, high load Large; convenient disassembly and inspection, convenient equipment. Medium and high. Center height transmission takes precedence. The parameters of the equipment are optimized and planned by computer. Optional high-quality high-strength low-carbon alloy steel gearbox, carburized, quenched and ground. The tooth surface has high hardness, and the precision reaches the world's 6th grade.

Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine and other industries. The hard tooth surface gearbox is a kind of transmission mechanism, which uses a gear speed converter to slow down the number of revolutions of the motor to the required speed and obtain a larger torque.

The above is the relevant introduction about the hard tooth surface gearbox. I hope it can help you. Shenzhen Win-drive will introduce more knowledge about the planetary gearbox to you slowly.

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