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Application of NEUGART planetary gearbox in agricultural products industry and other application fields

Industry news|2022-04-04| admin

Agricultural products industry

Neugart: Gearboxes for the agricultural product industry

Agriculture has long entered the high-tech era. Large harvesters driving through fields, fertilizing sowing seeds or feeding or milking animals require technical equipment that is robust and has a long service life. For this reason, Neugart worked with its customers to develop planetary gearboxes that can adapt to the rough environment of the farmland. It is capable of operating in the toughest environmental conditions and performs just as well in farmland as it does on flat ground. Changing ambient temperatures and dirt also have no effect on our gear units. In agriculture, however, there are still huge challenges in the details: For some applications, special solutions have to be developed, using other materials such as low-temperature lubricants. Our strength is also in being able to understand the needs of customers and the market, so as to find the key points in product development.

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Agricultural products industry:

Reliable gearboxes and long service life: Our planetary gearboxes do not require a lubricant change for life. The unique design developed by Neugart allows the gearbox to be lubricated for life and operate very reliably.

Gear units are dynamic and robust: Neugart gear units are dynamic and robust. Our customers demand reliable technology with zero errors. At this point, our intelligent planetary gearbox can show its magic power.

Proper operation even under extreme environmental conditions: Neugart planetary gear units are able to cope with a wide range of environmental conditions. Thanks to optimized seals and lubricants selected for the application, our gear units can also operate properly at temperatures up to 40 °C or have the highest degree of protection (eg IP69K).

other markets

Neugart: With all kinds of gearboxs, there is always one suitable for you. There is almost no industry that Neugart has not been involved in. Our planetary gearbox can be seen in almost every country on earth. Our product line is broad and comprehensive. If we had to sum up our gearboxs in one sentence, it would be: we can provide a suitable solution for each special application case. Therefore, in addition to the main industries mentioned above, the list of fields of application for Neugart gear units can continue to expand.

Here are some of our selected application industries:


Construction and building materials machinery

Production equipment

bending machine

Biomechanical Engineering

Electronic equipment

Electrical and Handheld Tools

leisure sports equipment

building automation

glass technology

wood processing equipment

Logistics and Transportation Systems

Measurement and Inspection Technology

Mockup and Model Making

Die Casting Machine


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