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What is the function of the coupling and how to prolong the service life of the coupling

Industry news|2022-04-07| admin

The function of the coupling is different in different environments, and we have also made couplings that are suitable for use in different situations according to different environments. So what is the function of the coupling? How to extend the service life of the coupling? Let's take a look together.

1. Rotational power transmission

The core function of the coupling is to transmit the power and motion of the drive shaft (motor) to the driven shaft.

2. Absorb the deviation between the drive shaft and the driven shaft

Misalignment (misalignment) between the drive shaft and the driven shaft is a part that inevitably occurs according to the tolerance of mechanical elements, the accuracy and the proficiency of the operator. Deviation is divided into declination, eccentricity, and axial deviation, which will cause vibration, noise and load of related mechanical parts. The coupling acts to absorb these deviations. However, the performance of each coupling to absorb deviation is different, please refer to the specification and performance table.

3. Shock, vibration, noise absorption

When the equipment is driven, vibration and impact will be generated. At this time, the impact will be directly transmitted to the motor, reducer or screw, which will not only cause problems in mechanical properties, but also purchase parts for repair at high prices. The coupling acts to absorb these shocks and vibrations. All types of couplings except high rigidity have the function of absorbing shock, vibration and noise. Relatively speaking, the absorption capacity of the rubber coupling with the buffer function of the intermediate body will be better.

4. Cut off the heat and micro-current generated on the drive shaft

The motor will generate heat during long-term operation, and occasionally a small current will be released. When it is transmitted to the driven shaft, it will cause thermal expansion (deformation) of the part, resulting in a decrease in accuracy. The coupling acts to cut off the heat and current generated on the drive shaft.

5. Improve device performance

The shock-proof rubber type coupling has excellent shock absorption performance, which can relatively increase the gain value of the servo motor, shorten the setting time and improve the equipment efficiency.

First, we need to know what the concentricity of the coupling is.


The axis extension line of the connected equipment is concentric on a straight line, but it is difficult to achieve this in the installation and use of the equipment, and some deviations will inevitably occur. Therefore, according to this situation, some deviation ranges that allow the axis of the connected equipment not to be in a straight line are formulated, which are called concentricity.

Since the deviation is allowed, the axis extension line of the connected equipment may have the following three situations: ① the two axes are displaced in parallel; ② the two axis extension lines intersect; ③ both exist at the same time. The third case is the absolute majority. The deviation of these axes is reflected in the coupling, which is called the radial displacement and end face inclination of the coupling. They are collectively referred to as coupling concentricity.

Then, when the motor end and the main shaft end of the equipment jump, which is larger than the deviation range of the coupling, that is, after the concentricity range of the coupling is exceeded, the coupling will wear and break over time.

So how do we extend the life of the coupling?

Let's take a look at the alignment of the coupling.

Coupling alignment, also known as coupling alignment, is an important part of rotating equipment maintenance work. If the alignment method is incorrect or the alignment result is inaccurate, the vibration value of the rotating equipment will exceed the standard, which seriously threatens the normal operation of the rotating equipment, especially high-speed equipment. Coupling alignment data requirements are extremely strict. How to extend the life of the coupling?

There are different ways to find coupling centers. According to the installation position of the rotating equipment, there are two types: horizontal and vertical, among which horizontal is more common; according to the simplicity of alignment, it can be divided into simple alignment and system alignment. The former gives a rough result, the latter an ideal result. Regardless of the classification, their principles and methods of analysis are the same.

The purpose of centering is to make the centerline of one rotor shaft a continuous curve of the centerline of the other rotor shaft. Because the shafts of the two rotors are connected by couplings, as long as the centerlines of the two pairs of wheels of the coupling are continuous, then the centerlines of the two rotors must be a continuous curve. In order to make the two pairs of wheel centers of the coupling continuous, the following two conditions must be met: the two pairs of wheel centers shall be coincident, even if the outer circles of the two pairs of wheels are coincident; the joint surfaces (end faces) of the two pairs of wheels shall be parallel (two centers lines are parallel).

The concentricity of the mechanical coupling is one of the important items required for the quality of mechanical equipment installation and maintenance. Its concentricity directly affects the operation of related equipment. The equipment with good concentricity runs smoothly, with low noise, long life and high efficiency; if the deviation of concentricity is too large, the probability of serious consequences will be high.

The above is the relevant knowledge about what is the function of the coupling and how to extend the service life of the coupling. The coupling plays a very important role in the machinery industry. During the installation process, you need to pay attention to the problem of coaxiality. Good The installation has a good effect on the operation of the equipment.

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