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Planetary gearbox is used in reverse

Industry news|2022-04-10| admin

The function of the planetary gearbox is to reduce the speed while increasing the output torque, so many environments require the use of the gearbox. There are many people who want to know if the gearbox can be used in reverse, that is, the planetary gearbox is reversed. To be precise, the gearbox can be used upside down. Let's take a look at the internal structure of the gearbox, which consists of the output shaft, bearings, planetary gear carrier, and gear set. The operating principle is that the motor is input, the planetary wheel rotates, and the gear frame is driven to rotate while rotating, and the power is transmitted by connecting the output shaft. The reverse rotation of our gearbox is the same direction, which supports the forward and reverse rotation of the gearbox. Generally, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the gearbox. The meshing of the tooth surface after the reverse rotation may not meet the requirements, so some types of gearboxs are not suitable for reverse rotation. In addition, the comprehensive characteristics of the reverse rotation are not as good as those of the forward rotation, and the speed will be accelerated and decelerated. machine wear and reduce service life.

The planetary gearbox has the characteristics of high cost performance, economical application and long life, exerts a good economic effect, accurate positioning control, and has the characteristics of low backlash, high efficiency and low noise on the running platform. The appearance and structure are light, and it can be installed in any position without maintenance.

Planetary gearboxs can be directly installed on AC or DC servo motors and are widely used in industrial fields such as printing presses, laser cutting, CNC machine tools, food packaging and other automation industries. In aerospace, semiconductor, medical equipment, robot, manipulator, communication equipment, packaging machinery, textile machinery, automatic control and other industries.

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