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Application of STRRONSE rack in truss manipulator


First of all, the customer puts forward the parameter requirements between each drive shaft:





Because the customer has no requirement for acceleration, they only need to complete the corresponding stroke within the set time. Although the customer has a requirement for the maximum speed, it is only necessary to meet the corresponding range of the customer's requirements when selecting the model.

For rack and pinion transmission, the size and module of the gear are generally pre-selected. For example, we pre-select mode 2 and 20 teeth for the X-axis, and we can conclude that the responsible torque of the X-axis is 9.1Nm and 4.8Nm respectively; the Y-axis pre-selects the mode 3 , 20 teeth, because according to experience, under this load weight, and it is running vertically, the load torque will be quite large, only the mode 3 can be selected to carry the torque of this load, the calculation results of Y are 185Nm and 80Nm, the above results are all It is calculated according to the professional software NCP of Newcastle, and gives a certain safety factor. We can also calculate the result according to the corresponding formula. We have demonstrated that this value basically has no deviation from the calculation of the software. We have mentioned before. The selection of the model is pre-selected first, so it is more convenient to use the software, and there is no need for repeated calculations.

After obtaining the load torque and the corresponding acceleration time, stroke, and maximum speed provided by the customer, the selection of the motor and reducer can be done. It is important to mention here that the motor of the Z axis must be selected with a self-locking brake. , that is, the motor can lock the position when it stops running, otherwise the entire load running mechanism will be damaged by vertical drop due to the stop running when running vertically.

The final selection of the reducer for the customer and the size of the gear are:


M2, Z20


Shrink fit gear


M2, Z20


M3, Z20

spline gears


M3, Z20

X-axis is PLHE80-07 series, using our company's STRRONSE shrink-fit gear, this gear installation structure is over-installed without clearance, and the accuracy will be higher

Z-axis is PLN142/115 series, which adopts German Newcastle spline gear, which has better load bearing capacity.

Regarding the selection of the motor, it is based on the customer's commonly used brands to make the dependent selection, mainly considering inertia, speed, torque, etc., so I will not elaborate too much here.

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