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Introduction of high precision grinding rack

Industry news|2022-02-23| admin

Rack and pinion transmission is a widely used transmission form in the application of manufacturing machine tools. The advantage of this transmission method is that the stroke is long, and the rack can be spliced according to the needs of our own equipment in our use, especially in On many large machine tools, the rack and pinion drive can achieve a relatively high linear motion speed, and the load torque it carries is still relatively large, but according to the precision error requirements of the machine tool to process products, it is necessary to use different precision racks and pinions. .


The accuracy of the rack generally refers to the pitch line error. The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy. The STRRONSE rack grades are 6S, 6, 8, and 9 respectively; 6S and 6 are high-precision grinding racks , firstly hobbed, then high-frequency quenched, and finally ground with high precision, so that the processed rack has higher precision, which can reach 1000mm overall pitch line error ≤ 0.02mm, and the 8-level rack is a soft tooth surface finish. Milling racks are generally used in woodworking machinery. Grade 9 racks are precision-milled high-frequency quenching racks with relatively low precision. They are generally used in equipment that does not require high precision. The precision mentioned here is German standard (DIN). , non-Japanese standard and international standard.

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