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Comparison between the drive of planetary gear reducer and other drive methods

Industry news|2022-02-24| admin

Planetary gear drive includes general planetary gear drive, small tooth difference planetary gear drive, mixed low tooth difference planetary gear drive, two-ring and three-ring small tooth difference gear drive, enclosed differential planetary gear drive and general differential planetary gear drive and many other types. Compared with other drive methods, planetary gear drive has the following characteristics:

1. Bearing capacity and driving power At present, the output torque of the heavy-duty planetary gear drive can reach several thousand Nm, and the driving power can reach 99%. Therefore, the application of the planetary gear drive in the heavy-duty equipment is developing rapidly, and the market price is also fast. rise.

2. Compact size and light weight The weight of the unit transmission torque is greatly reduced compared with the general drive, and the weight of the same bearing capacity can also be reduced by 1/3-1/2.

3. The single-stage drive has a large and small tooth difference drive with a single-stage speed ratio of about 100, and compared with other types of drives, the transmission power and torque of planetary gear drives are much greater than other methods, and they are more reliable.

4. Structural variation and extended functions are mostly due to the diversification of planetary gear drive structure types, so its design and application have more flexibility and extended functions, such as the controllable soft start drive differential developed by the use of planetary gear drive technology Speed-adjusting gear drives have been widely used in recent years to meet the special needs of many working conditions.

5. It is easier to form a compound drive with other drive types. It makes full use of the characteristics of various drive methods, thus forming a variety of drive methods that combine planetary gears, cylindrical gears, and turbine and worm drives.

Because of the series of characteristics of planetary gear drive technology itself, and also because of the development of my country's industry in recent years, these places have strongly promoted the rapid development and application of planetary gear drive technology, various types of planetary gear drive technology and corresponding products are developed and used.

The application scope of planetary gear drive gearboxes has been continuously expanded in recent years, and the more applications are: building materials work, power work, metallurgical mining work, lifting and transportation work, casting and metal processing work, construction machinery work, petrochemical work, etc. .

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