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Common reducer types and their characteristics

Industry news|2022-02-24| admin

The reducer is mainly used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the work requirements. There are many types of reducers, which can be classified according to the type of drive, the shape of the gear, and the number of stages of the drive. According to the type of drive, it can be divided into gear reducer, worm reducer and planetary gear reducer. . According to the shape of the gear, it can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and conical-cylindrical gear reducer. When divided according to the number of driving stages, it can be divided into single-stage reducer and multi-stage reducer.

The commonly used reducers composed of gears and worms mainly include gear reducers, worm reducers, worm-gear reducers, planetary gear reducers, cycloidal pinwheel reducers, harmonic gear reducers, etc. All reducers already have related products. When selecting a model, as long as a suitable product cannot be found, the reducer will be customized according to its own needs.

The characteristics of common reducers are introduced: the application of gear reducers, the structure is simple, the precision is easy, and the gear teeth can be made into straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth. The worm reducer has compact structure, large drive ratio, stable operation, low noise, but relatively low power. The worm gear reducer has two modes of gear drive in speed stage and worm drive in speed stage, the former has a compact structure, and the latter has a driving power.

The bevel gear should be arranged in the high-speed stage to reduce the size of the bevel gear. Bevel gears can be straight or curved. Cylindrical gears are mostly helical teeth, so that they can offset part of the axial force of the bevel gears. Worm reducer mainly includes cylindrical worm reducer, arc toroidal worm reducer, cone worm reducer and worm-gear reducer, among which cylindrical worm reducer is the most commonly used.

Due to the structure of planetary reducer, the minimum single-stage reduction is 3, and the maximum is not more than 10. The common reduction ratio is: 3/4/5/6/8/10, and the number of reducer stages generally does not exceed 3, but there are some large reductions. There are 4 stages of reduction than the custom reducer. Compared with other reducers, planetary reducers have high rigidity, high precision (single-stage can be achieved within 1 minute), high transmission power (single-stage at 97%-98%), high torque, volume ratio, lifetime maintenance-free, etc. feature. Because of these features, planetary reducers are mostly installed on steppers and servos to reduce speed, increase torque, and match inertia. The planetary gear drive of the planetary gear reducer effectively utilizes the power split, the coaxiality of the input and output, and the reasonable use of internal meshing. Therefore, compared with the general fixed-axis gear drive, the planetary gear reducer has the advantages of small mass, small volume, Features such as large driving ratio, large carrying capacity, smooth driving and driving power. Because of these characteristics, planetary gear reducers are widely used in metallurgy, mining, construction, aviation and other mechanical fields.

The cycloidal pinwheel reducer adopts the planetary drive principle with small tooth difference. The driving process is to install a double eccentric sleeve with a dislocation of 180 degrees on the input shaft, and two roller bearings called rotating arms are installed on the eccentric sleeve. To form an H structure, the center holes of the two cycloid wheels are the eccentric sleeves, the raceway of the upper arm bearing, and the cycloid wheel meshes with the needle gear to form an internal meshing deceleration structure with a difference of one tooth. Harmonic gear drive is the abbreviation of harmonic gear planetary drive. The harmonic gear reducer drive is a planetary drive with small tooth difference, usually composed of rigid cylindrical gears, flexible cylindrical gears, wave generators and flexible bearings.

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