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How to see the model code of NEUGART reducer

Industry news|2022-02-24| admin

What is a product key? What does the product key say? It starts with our product labels.


The long string of numbers and letters marked in the red box above is the product key.

What do these numbers and letters stand for? Where is the speed ratio? The following sub-regions and you will introduce the meaning of the product key.


PSN090  Series specification area

Indicates the product series and product specifications, PSN is the product series, and 090 is the product specification. We have various product lines such as PSN, PSBN, PLE and many more. Of course, there are also many product specifications, such as 040, 110, 200 and so on. The following table is our product series and the corresponding product specifications (structure dimensions).



005  speed ratio

This part represents the product speed ratio. 005 represents a product with a speed ratio of 5. Our ratio range is between 3-512, if you have special needs, it can also be customized. The table below shows our ratio range and corresponding product series.



SSSK3AD  Product configuration area

This part is the configuration area of the reducer. You can choose from different configurations of reducers.

The first S bit represents the backhaul gap. Standard backlash is represented by S, and reduced backlash is represented by R.

The second S indicates the lubrication method, S indicates standard lubrication, F indicates food grade lubrication, and L indicates low temperature lubrication.

The third S represents the standard surface.

The K digit indicates the output shaft specification. Different letters indicate different output shaft specifications. K denotes splined output shaft with pinion. The figure below shows the optional output shaft specifications and their codes.



The 3 digits indicate the output flange specification. The standard output flange is denoted by 3. Output flanges compatible with (W)PLS are denoted by 4.

The A bit represents the input system, the standard input system is represented by A, and the installable drive system is represented by S.

The D digit indicates the diameter of the locking system on the input side. The diameter of the locking system corresponding to D is 14mm. The figure below shows the letter codes corresponding to different locking diameters.



Z11/30/60/75/B5/M5  Motor parameter area

This part shows the parameters related to the motor. The Z bit indicates the input system specification, that is, the input flange type of the reducer. The input flange of the reducer needs to be connected to the output end of the motor. To suit a wide range of motor types, we offer a wide variety of input flange types. Different codes correspond to different flange types. As shown below:


11 means the diameter of the motor shaft is 11mm

30 means the maximum motor shaft length is 30mm

60 means that the diameter of the positioning boss is 60mm

75 means the pitch circle diameter is 75mm

B5 represents the motor flange type, in addition to the B5 form, there is also the B14 form. The specific difference is shown in the following figure:




PK1-20-18-S  Gear parameter area

This part is mainly gear parameters. Of course, if you did not purchase one of our gear products, this part of the code is not on the product key.

PK1 is the model of the gear.

20 means that the modulus of the gear is 2.

18 represents the number of teeth of the gear.

S represents the gear type is helical gear. Spur gears are denoted by L.

The above explanations are now briefly summarized for your convenience. See the table below:


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