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Gearbox and rack and pinion drive of laser cutting machine

Industry news|2022-02-28| admin

1. What is a laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting machine is a kind of gantry structure equipment which adopts rack and pinion drive. There are usually two travel axes, the Y axis is responsible for measuring the movement, and the X axis is responsible for the laser head movement. The Y axis is driven by two motors, and the X axis is driven by one motor.

2. What kind of rack and pinion is commonly used in laser cutting machines?

Laser cutting machines generally use ground-grade helical gear racks for transmission. The module of the rack varies according to the load weight of the equipment and the speed and acceleration requirements. The commonly used modules are M2 and M3. The number of gear teeth is usually between 20-40 teeth.


3. What type of gearbox is commonly used in laser cutting machines?

The commonly used gearbox models are PSN and PSFN. PSN is a shaft output gearbox, which is suitable for light-loaded equipment. PSFN is a flange output gearbox, which is suitable for high-dynamic and high-load equipment. The output bearings of these two gearboxs are tapered roller bearings, which are very suitable for the occasion of rack and pinion transmission.

4. What is the inertia ratio required for the laser cutting machine?

The inertia ratio refers to the ratio of the inertia of the load to the inertia of the motor. The smaller the inertia ratio, the faster the motor responds and the higher the dynamic performance of the equipment. In order to ensure the high dynamic performance of the equipment, it is necessary to control the inertia ratio to be less than 3. Usually the method of reducing the inertia ratio is to use smaller gears and increase the reduction ratio of the gearbox.

5. What are the advantages of using pinions?

Pinion refers to a gear with a small index circle diameter, that is, a smaller number of teeth. According to the torque calculation formula, the reduction of the gear diameter can reduce the torque required by the load, and also reduce the inertia of the load converted to the motor. And due to the existence of the backlash of the gearbox, the smaller gear can bring higher precision.

6. What is the common reduction ratio of laser cutting machine?

Due to the relatively fast running speed of the laser cutting machine, the first-level reduction ratio is generally used, and the commonly used speed ratios are 5 and 7.

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