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Application of lubricating oil in gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-11| admin

Planetary gear gearbox is also called planetary gearbox, servo gearbox. Among the gearboxs, planetary gearboxs are widely used in servo motors, stepper motors, DC motors and other transmission systems due to their small size, high transmission efficiency, wide deceleration range and high precision. Its main function is to increase the torque, reduce the speed and match the moment of inertia. The planetary gearbox is composed of a box, bearings, flanges, and multiple sets of gears, of which the main transmission components are gears and bearings.

When the gear is working, friction and wear occur between the tooth surfaces, resulting in power loss. Therefore, lubricating oil is particularly important in the transmission process, which can reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency, slow down and prevent tooth surface wear and failure to prevent rust; A certain amount of heat will be generated during high-speed operation, and the lubricating oil can also play a role in dissipating heat.

The selection of lubricating oil is mainly determined according to the friction between the tooth surfaces in the gear transmission, mainly considering the load and speed of the gear; the gear transmission of the multi-stage gearbox is based on the speed of the low-speed gear.

For the sake of customers, NEUGART continuously optimizes and upgrades products. Recently, NEUGART and lubricant manufacturer Klüber Lubrication jointly developed "Klübersynth GE 14-112" for planetary gearboxs and right-angle planetary gearboxs, which are suitable for high-load small gearboxs. The special grease contains special additives, which can significantly improve the anti-wear performance of the gearbox, and it also has a wider operating temperature range and has passed comprehensive performance tests.

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