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Common problems of planetary gearbox

Industry news|2022-03-12| admin

Planetary gearbox may have some common problems during operation, such as noise, lubrication, bearing and other problems, some of which may be quality problems or maintenance problems during use. We share the relevant introduction to the common problems of planetary gearbox.

1. The pressure in the fuel tank rises

In a closed gearbox, the meshing friction of each pair of gears will generate heat. According to Boyle’s law, with the extension of the working time, the temperature in the gearbox will gradually increase, and the volume in the gearbox will remain unchanged. The internal pressure increases, and the lubricating oil in the box splashes and sprinkles on the inner wall of the reduction box. Due to the relatively strong permeability of oil, under the pressure in the tank, where the seal is not tight, the oil will seep out from there.

2. The unreasonable structural design of the gearbox causes oil leakage

If the designed gearbox does not have a ventilation hood, the gearbox cannot complete the pressure equalization, resulting in higher and higher pressure in the box, showing oil leakage.

3. Too much fuel

During the working process of the gearbox, the oil pool is agitated fiercely, and the lubricating oil splashes everywhere in the machine.

4. Improper maintenance process

In the process of equipment maintenance, because the combined surface dirt cannot be removed, or the sealant is improperly selected, the sealing direction is reversed, and the seals are not replaced in time, which will also lead to oil leakage.

Solutions to common problems of planetary gearbox:

The use of polymer composite materials to correct and manage the oil leakage of the gearbox. The polymer composite materials are based on polymer, metal or ceramic ultrafine powder, fibers, etc. data of. Various materials complement each other in function, and synergistic effect occurs, so that the inductive function of composite materials is based on the original composition materials. It has the functions of adhesion, mechanical function, chemical corrosion resistance, etc. It is widely used in the mechanical wear, scratches, pits, cracks, leaks, casting sand holes of metal equipment, chemical corrosion protection and correction of various chemical storage tanks, reaction tanks and pipelines. . For the leakage of the static sealing point of the gearbox, you can choose Meijiahua polymer composite materials and skills to manage the leakage on site without disassembly. The polymer composite material manages the leakage externally, saving time and effort. It can overcome the influence of vibration of the gearbox and solve the problems that cannot be solved for many years for the enterprise. If oil leaks at the static sealing point during the operation of the gearbox, it can be blocked with the oil surface emergency repair agent of surface engineering technology, and then the purpose of eliminating oil leakage is achieved.

Handling broken shafts

When the concentricity of the device between the drive motor and the gearbox is good, the output shaft of the drive motor only bears the rotational force (torque), and the work will be very smooth and there will be no pulsation. When it is not concentric, the output shaft of the drive motor also bears the radial force (bending moment) from the input end of the gearbox. The effect of this radial force will force the output shaft of the drive motor to bend, and the direction of the bending will change continuously with the rotation of the output shaft. If the error of concentricity is large, the radial force will increase the temperature of the output shaft of the motor, and its metal structure will be continuously damaged, which will eventually cause the output shaft of the drive motor to break due to partial fatigue. The greater the error in the concentricity of the two, the shorter the moment when the output shaft of the drive motor is broken. When the output shaft of the drive motor is broken, the input end of the gearbox will also bear the radial force from the output shaft of the drive motor. If this radial force exceeds the large radial load that the input end of the gearbox can bear, its The result will also lead to deformation or even fracture of the input end of the gearbox or damage to the support bearing at the input end. Therefore, concentricity is critical when installing! From the analysis of the device process, if the drive motor shaft and the input end of the gearbox are concentric, then the shaft surface of the drive motor and the hole surface of the input end of the gearbox will be in good agreement, and their touching surfaces will be closely attached without radial force and deformation. space. If the device is not concentric, then there will be a gap or a gap between the touch surfaces, and there will be radial force and space for deformation.

Similarly, the output shaft of the gearbox is also broken or bent, and the reason is the same as that of the broken shaft of the drive motor. However, the output of the gearbox is the product of the output of the drive motor and the reduction ratio, and the output is larger in relation to the motor, so the output shaft of the gearbox is more likely to be broken. Therefore, when using the gearbox, the user should pay more attention to the concentricity of the output end device!

fatigue pitting

Fatigue pitting is a common failure of planetary gearboxs. Fatigue pitting begins with a small and shallow diameter, and mostly occurs at and below the pitch circle. After the occurrence of fatigue pitting, the development speed is quite fast. If it is not found in time, the large gear will be peeled off, which will eventually lead to the failure of the gear, and the gearbox can no longer be used.

1. The use of the transmission bearing exceeds the limit or the clearance between the bearing and the bearing seat hole is too large, causing the transmission bearing to vibrate too much and causing the load to increase, resulting in an increase in the transmission load of the gear, and also causing tooth surface fatigue pitting.

2. During the installation process of the gear of the gearbox of the grab machine, the maintenance process is not strictly carried out, which leads to the formation of the tooth surface part of the installation, and the excessive load causes the tooth surface fatigue pitting.

3. The lubricating oil has expired or deteriorated, and the viscosity is too low or invalid, and then an oil film cannot be formed between the tooth surfaces of the gears. In this way, the tooth surface is fatigued and pitted by direct contact between the teeth.

The above are the common problems about planetary gearbox. The gearbox is more of a problem before installation and during the installation process. If the preliminary work is prepared, the problems during operation will be reduced a lot, so it must be confirmed in the selection and installation. 

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