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  • R+W Safety Coupling ST4
  • R+W Safety Coupling ST4
R+W Safety Coupling ST4

With easy keyway installation

Specifications: 200-25000Nm


Safety Coupling

   Hardened steel (surface oxidation treatment)

Gear coupling: wear-resistant high-alloy steel

(surface oxidation treatment)


Link connection with keyway (splines can be customized according to requirements), drum-shaped tooth coupling can be corrected, thimbles are evenly arranged outside the circumference, and can be calibrated within the specified range.



With keyway connection or spline connection.

Gear couplings can be used for misalignment compensation.

The switch section is distributed symmetrically around the periphery.

Adjustable within the adjustment range.

Temperature range: -30 to +120°C

Service life: Operating in accordance with technical specifications, safety couplings are durable and maintenance-free

Fitting clearance: bushing connection 0.02 - 0.07 mm


Safety parts: high-strength hardened steel (surface oxidation)

Gear coupling double-sided: extremely wear-resistant gear geometry made of high-alloy steel

Surface anti-corrosion (oxidation)

ST4 type safety coupling product features:

High power density

Torque from 1000 to 160000 Nm

Compensates for axial, lateral and angular displacement of the housing

Breakdown protection

low return force

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