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  • R+W connecting shaft  ZAE
  • R+W connecting shaft  ZAE
R+W connecting shaft ZAE

With split clamping shaft sleeve

Specifications: 10-800Nm

The coupling can be installed radially to ensure extremely simple installation and disassembly operation

The standard length can reach 6m

No intermediate support is required



The detachable clamping sleeve and the two side screw ISO4762 are used for dynamic balancing.

It is not necessary to move the installed drive or driven equipment during installation and removal.

The spacer sleeve is placed inside the clamping collar.

Temperature range: - 30 to + 120 ° C

Clearance: it is connected by clamps with strong adhesion, and there is absolutely no back clearance.

Service life: operate according to the technical specifications, and the connecting shaft can be durable without maintenance.

Fit clearance: shaft sleeve connection 0.01 - 0.05 mm.

Material Science:

The bellows is made of high elastic stainless steel

Spacer sleeve: aluminum, steel from 300 series

Optional: CFK construction

The clamping collar is made of aluminum from series 60 and steel from series 150.

Technical parameters:

Rated torque: 10-800 Nm;

The speed depends on the total length of type A

SIZE 10 30 60 150 300 500 800
Rated torque 10 30 60 150 300 500 800
Overall length min. to max. 100-6000 130-6000 160-6000 180-6000 240-6000 250-6000 250-6000
Fit length 16 27 31 34.5 42 50 47
Inside diameter 5-20 10-28 12-32 19-42 30-60 35-60 40-72
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