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  • R+W miniature bellows coupling MKH
  • R+W miniature bellows coupling MKH
R+W miniature bellows coupling MKH

With separate clamping sleeve

Specification: 0.5-10Nm

Can be installed radially

Easy to install and remove

Can be used on pre-aligned shafts



The two collar halves can move in the same direction

With separate clamping collar and collar with two side screws on each side ISO4762

Temperature range: -30 to +100° C

Clearance: It has a screw connection with strong adhesion, absolutely no backlash

Service life: Operate in accordance with technical specifications, the miniature bellows coupling can be durable and maintenance-free

Material: The bellows is made of highly elastic stainless steel

technical parameter:

Rated torque: 0.5-10 Nm

The speed can reach 10,000 rpm.

> Need to use fine dynamic balance at 10000 rpm

Special solutions for miniature bellows couplings: such as other mating lengths, keyways, special materials and bellows can be provided on request in a short time.

Features of MKH type miniature bellows coupling:

Can be assembled radially

Quick installation and removal

Light weight and low moment of inertia

No change after adjustment

SIZE 5 10 15 20 45 100
Rated torque 0.5 1 1.5 2 4.5 10
Overall length 25/28/31 27/30/33 30/35 35/40/44 46/54 50/60
Inside diameter possible 3-7 3-7 3-8 3-12.7 5-16
Moment of inertia 2.6/2.8/3 3/3.4/3.6 8.5/9.5 25/27/29 100/108 160/205
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