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  • R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings EK6
  • R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings EK6
R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings EK6

with conical locking ring

Specifications: 1950-25000Nm

Features: High clamping force

           Axial installation

           High circumference accuracy

Material: Bushing GGG40

           Elastomer Abrasion Resistant Heat Stabilized TPU


Two coaxial, fully split bushings with jaws and clamping nut. 5 pressure-fit elastomers with zero backlash; standard model is insulated


Construction: Two coupling sleeves with concave jaws with high concentricity.

Temperature Range: Depends on the Torx elastic ring selected.

Torsional rigidity: Torx-shaped elastic rings with different Shore hardness are available for transmission optimization.

Fitting clearance: 0.01 - 0.05 mm for bushing connection.


Coupling sleeves: High-strength aluminum up to 450 series, steel from 800 series.

Elastomeric Ring: Made of precision moulded, extremely wear-resistant and heat-stable plastic material.

Speed: Standard see table.

Optional: External fastening screws

technical parameter:

Rated torque: 4 - 2.150 Nm

Speed up to 20,000 rpm

6EK type elastic coupling product features:

very good concentricity

high clamping force

Axial installation

easy to install

Buffer damping

electrical insulation

Zero backlash coupling


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