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  • R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings  EKH
  • R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings  EKH
R+W Elastic Jaw Couplings EKH

With separate bushing

Specifications: 1950-25000Nm

Features: can be installed radially

           Easy installation and removal


Material: Bushing GGG40

           Elastomer Abrasion Resistant Heat Stabilized TPU

Design: Two coaxial, fully split bushings with jaws and clamping nut.

           5 press-fit elastomers with zero backlash; standard model is insulated.



Both clamping collar halves can move in the same direction.

With separate clamping collar and two side screws on each side of the collar ISO4762.

Collars from the 4500 series have four side screws on each side.

Temperature Range: Depends on the Torx elastic ring selected.

Torsional rigidity: Torx-shaped elastic rings with different Shore hardness are available for transmission optimization.

Fitting clearance: 0.01 - 0.05 mm for bushing connection


Coupling sleeves: High-strength aluminium up to 450 series, steel from 800 series, GGG 40 from 2500 series

Elastic ring: Made of precision moulded, extremely wear-resistant and heat-stable plastic material

Speed: Standard see table. Please negotiate with R+W to provide products with a balance accuracy grade of G2.5.

Technical parameters: Rated torque: 4 - 25000 Nm

EKH type elastic coupling product features:

Radial assembly possible

good concentricity

Buffer damping

easy to install

electrical insulation

Zero Backlash Flexible Coupling


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