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  • R + W safety coupling ESL
  • R + W safety coupling ESL
R + W safety coupling ESL

Direct drive with keyway mounting and flexible coupling

Specifications: 1-150Nm

Economical design

shock absorption

Wear resistance design



Two coupling sleeves with concave claws and high concentricity.

One side of the safety coupling is integrated.

The elastic ring can choose the specification pattern A or B.

Temperature range: depends on the quincunx elastic ring selected.

Torsional rigidity: quincunx elastic rings with different shore hardness are provided for the optimization of transmission system.

Fit clearance: shaft sleeve connection 0.01 - 0.05 mm.

Material Science:

Safety components: made of high elastic steel, the clamping groove ball is made of hardened steel

Coupling sleeve: high strength aluminum

Elastic ring: precision molded, extremely wear-resistant plastic.

Speed: the wear is negligible when the disengagement reaches 200 rpm, and higher speed: ask the manufacturer through terminal consultation if necessary.

Technical parameters:

Rated torque: 9-200 Nm

Shaft diameter 6 - 45 mm

ESL safety coupling product features:

The zero back gap structure is confirmed by the R + W principle

Fast stop in milliseconds

The torque of safety coupling is stepless and adjustable

Precise torque limit

Compact and safe coupling

Electrical insulation

Plug in coupling

SIZE 5 10 20 60 150
Torque setting possible 1-6 1-12 3-19 5-60 20-150
Overall length 34 45 64 80 90
Inside diameter 6-15 6-18 8-25 12-32 19-38
Moment of inertia 0.01 0.02 0.08 0.15 0.5
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