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Current location: Home Product NEUGART Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
  • Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN
Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange PSFN

The precision planetary gearbox for maximum loads with particularly quiet drive and flange output shaft.

Thanks to its standardized flange interface, our PSFN can be installed easily and reliably. Our Neugart-designed helical teeth makes additional noise absorption measures absolute. Thanks to its high tilting moment, you may demand the utmost from this precision planetary gearbox.


PSBN planetary gearbox is a high-load, quiet operation, using a flanged output shaft. Since this gearbox adopts a standardized flange interface, the installation of PSFN is very convenient and safe. Our high-precision helical gears make other noise reduction measures useless. And because of the high anti-tilting moment of the gearbox, this high-precision planetary gearbox can complete many difficult tasks.


product description

The PSFN planetary gearbox adopts a standardized flange interface that meets the requirements of EN ISO 9409-1, and the installation of the drive components will be very fast and convenient. And the optional positioning pin hole also provides additional guarantee for the safety of the gearbox. PSFN is very quiet during operation, because we have adopted the self-developed high-precision helical gear design, which does not require additional noise reduction and sound insulation measures on the machine, which saves a certain amount of cost while reducing noise. The load capacity of PSFN is very good, so it can withstand high radial and axial forces, which can play a great role in the structural design for rotary table or rack and pinion applications. Of course, the performance of the gearbox will not be affected in any way.

This gearbox has a small return clearance and can be installed in any position, the input flange can be adapted to special motors, and it has an optimized moment of inertia system. Equipped with preloaded angular contact roller bearings, this gearbox features a flanged output shaft with a round oversized output flange and radial shaft seal. The service life of this gearbox is as long as 20000h, the working temperature range is -25-90℃, there are three kinds of lubrication methods: low temperature, food grade and standard, the rated torque is 28-950Nm, the radial force is 2150-23000N, and the axial force is 4300 -16000N, the return clearance is 1-5 arc minutes, and can be customized to be less than 1 arc minute. The specific product model parameters are determined according to the model selection, and three-dimensional technical drawings and system selection plans are provided.

NEUGART planetary gearbox PSFN series adopts a standardized output flange, so it can directly install gears, couplings, synchronous pulleys, etc. connected with standard flanges, and can be equipped with positioning pin holes to make the fit more firm.


PSFN is a high-precision series gearbox. The backlash of the primary reduction ratio is less than 3 arc minutes, and the backlash of the secondary reduction ratio is less than 5 arc minutes. Except the minimum specification, the other specifications can be customized to be less than 1 arc point.

The gearbox adopts high-precision helical gears, which runs smoothly and has excellent noise control. And the internal gears are all carbonitrided. Compared with other brands of gearboxs, under the same working conditions, our gearboxs can have a longer service life and the accuracy will decrease more slowly.

Different from domestic or Japanese flange output gearboxs, all specifications of Newcastle PSFN use single row tapered roller bearings as the output bearings of the gearbox, so this gearbox can not only withstand extremely high axial force and Radial force, and the structure is very compact, the overall rigidity is extremely high, it is very suitable for high-speed and high-dynamic rack and pinion transmission, so this model is widely used in laser cutting machines.

When PSFN is used in conjunction with gears, we need to select the appropriate gears according to the flange size of the gearbox of different specifications. When the flange is large and the gear is small and cannot be installed directly, an adapter plate can be used for installation. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the influence of connecting bolts on the maximum transmitted torque, and the maximum torque that can be transmitted by different bolts is different. Therefore, in the design and selection, in addition to the strength of the gear and the gearbox itself, it is also necessary to consider the maximum torque that the bolts at the connection can transmit.



Product advantages

Standardized flange interface

runs very quietly

high load capacity

high sealing

Small and exquisite

Inclined gears bring quality improvement


return clearance

Various types of output shafts


Optimized tensioning system

installed pinion


Lithium battery industry, coating machine, printing, laser cutting, manipulator


Easy installation, quiet operation, high load capacity

PSFN flange gearbox size drawing download:
PSFN gearbox drawing download

Gearbox characteristics PSFN064 PSFN090 PSFN110 PSFN140 PSFN200 P
I 4,5,7,8,10 1
I 16,20,25,35,40,50,70,100 2
Service life h
Service life at T2N×0.88 h 30.000
Efficiency at full load % 96-97
Min operating temperature/max operating temperature -25/90
Protection class IP65
Standard lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Low temperature lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
 Installation position Any
Standard backlash arcmin <3-<5
Reduced backlash arcmin <2 <1 <1 <1 <1
Torsional stiffness Nm/arcmin 8.2-13.3 21.0-31.0 55.0-81.0 127.0-218.0 365.0-668.0
Gearbox weight kg 1.4-2.1 3.0-3.7 5.0-6.5 11.7-13.8 28.5-34.8
Standard surface Housing: Steel - heat-treated and post-oxidized(black)
Running noise dB/(A) 57 58 63 66 68
Max bending moment based on the gearbox input flange Nm 18 18/38 38/80 80/180 180/300

Nominal Output torque

80 180 470 950 4 1
40 80 175 405 950 5
78 175 355 900 7
75 155 350 - 8
28 59
140 305 750 10
39 80 180 450 950 16 2
39 80 180 450 950 20
40 80 175 405 950 25
40 80 175 405 950 35
39 80 180 470 950 40
40 80 175 405 950 50
37 78 175 355 900 70
28 59 140 305 750 100

Output shaft loads 

Radial force for 20000 h  2150 3950 4900 12000 23000
Axial force for 20000 h 4300 8200 9500 8500 16000
Radial force for 30000 h   1900 3500 4350 11000 21000
Axial force for 30000 h 3800 7200 8400 7500 14000
Tilting moment for 20000 h 132 326 475 1030 2445
Tilting moment for 30000 h 117 289 422 944 2232


Pitch circle diameter output shaft 31.5 50 63 80 125
Centering diameter output flange 64 90 110 140 200
Flange diameter output 86 118 145 179 247
Min. total lenght 71 89.5 108 142 172 1
99.5 111.5 130 173 217 2
Output  flange length 19.5
30 29 38 50
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