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Current location: Home Product NEUGART Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
  • Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE
Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output FlangeWPLFE

The shortest right angle planetary gearbox with flange output shaft and maximum torsional stiffness.

Thinking around corners even in tight spaces. The WPLFE is our right angle planetary gearbox with compact flange output shaft. You save up to a third of the space and benefit from a torsional stiffness that is five times higher than conventional products. Thanks to its standardized flange interface, it is especially easy to install. The integrated dowel hole provides additional secureness during fitting.


WPLFE planetary reducer is a right-angle planetary reducer of NEUGART series compact flange output shaft, which can save more than one third of the space and has significantly improved torsional rigidity. Thanks to the standardized flange connection, this planetary gearbox is easy to install. Built-in dowel pin holes also provide additional security when securing.


Product description

The standardized flange interface of the WPLFE ensures quick and easy installation of drive components such as belt pulleys, linear elements, turntable feeders, etc. High torsional stiffness for precision drive solutions, due to the larger diameter of the flanged output shaft, the torsional stiffness of the WPLFE is up to five times higher than output shafts with flat keys. From this point of view, the drive scheme of the gearbox can also play an excellent role in cyclic operation and continuous operation. Low installation height saves space. The space required for WPLFE installation is reduced by 30% compared to similar right angle gearboxs.

The rated torque of this gearbox is 14-260Nm, the radial force is 550-2400N, the axial force is 1200-3300N, and the return clearance is 11-18arcmin. It adopts round extra large output flange, the flange output shaft adopts ISO 9409 standard, low friction deep groove ball bearing, the working time is 20,000 hours, and the working temperature is between -25-90 ℃. It has three types of food grade, low temperature and standard A lubrication method, the torsional stiffness is 2.9-69Nm, the weight range of the gearbox is 1.8-12.5kg, the radial force can reach 3800N, and the axial force can reach 5200N.


Product advantages

High torsional stiffness for precision drive solutions

Fast and safe installation

Low installation height saves space

High flexibility during installation

Lubricated for life and therefore maintenance-free

Optimized bearing design for excellent performance



Various types of drive flanges

Flexible connection of motors



Packaging equipment, machine tools, agricultural products industry


Flange output shaft

save space

Built-in dowel pin hole

Can be installed arbitrarily

Optimized bearing design

Gearbox characteristics WPLFE064 WPLFE90 WPLFE110 P
Reduer 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 1
Reduer 9,12,15,16,20,25,32,40,64,100 2
Service life h 20.000
Service life at T2N×0.88 h 30.000
Efficiency at full load % 94/93
Min operating temperature/max operating temperature -25/90
Protection class IP54
Standard lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Food grade lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Low temperature lubrication Grease (lifetime lubrication)
Installation position Any
Standard backlash arcmin <16-<18 <13-<15 <11-<13
Torsional stiffness Nm/arcmin 2.9-9.9 5.8-29.5 15.9-69.0
Gearbox weight kg 1.8-2.1 4.5-5.3 10.5-12.5
Standard surface Housing: Steel - heat-treated and post-oxidized(black)
Running noise dB/(A) 70 73 75
Max bending moment based on the gearbox input flange Nm 5 10.5 26

Nominal Output torque

14 40 80 3 1
19 53 105 4
24 67 130 5
25 65 135 7
18 50 120 8
15 38 95 10
44 130 210 9 2
44 120 260 12
44 110 230 15
44 120 260 16
44 120
260 20
40 110 230 25
44 120 260 32
40 110 230 40
18 50 120 64
15 38 95 100

Output shaft loads

WPLFE064 WPLFE090  WPLFE110     
Radial force for 20000 h N 550  1400 2400
Axial force for 20000 h N 1200 3000 3300
Radial force for 30000 h  N 500 1200 2100
Axial force for 30000 h N 1200 3000 3300
Tilting moment for 20000 h Nm 12 46 109
Tilting moment for 30000 h Nm 11 40 96


Pitch circle diameter output shaft  mm 31.5 50 63
Centering diameter output flange  mm 64 90 110
Flange diameter output mm 86 118 145
Min. total lenght     mm 110 149 198.5 1
mm 122.5 165.5 225.5 2
Output  flange length mm 19.5 30 29

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