QThe planetary gearbox

AThe function of planetary gearbox is transferring the servo motor end of high speed, low torque output to the gearbox output end of the low-speed, high torque output through planetary gear system transmission(deceleration and twisting)

QWhat is the advantage of NEUGART?

A1. A long history: NEUGAR brand has a history of 85 years
2. The Global sales Network: 6 Subsidiaries Worldwide
3. Quality guarantee: All parts are manufactured in Germany, and two major assembling factories in the United States and China
4. Lavish product series: 10 Large series, hundreds of reduction ratios
5. Compared with other European brands, the delivery period is short
6. 8 offices throughout China
7. Strategic partnerships with a number of brand servo motor Manufacturers

QR+W Couplings Series

ABellows Couplings
Elastomer Couplings
Disc Pack Couplings
Flexible Gear Couplings
Line Shafts
Safety Couplings(Torque Limiter)

QThe types of Gearbox Series

A1. The worm reduction gear : With the function of reverse self-locking, it can have a large ratio. The input shaft and output shaft are not on the same axis, nor are they on the same plane. Large volume, low transmission efficiency and low precision.
2. Harmonic Gearbox: Harmonic transmission can use flexible element controlled elastic deformation to transfer motion and power, small volume, high precision; the disadvantage is that the life of flexible wheel is limited, the impact is not resistant, stiffness is poorer than metal parts . The input speed can't be too high.
3. Planetary Gearbox: Compact structure, backlash is small; high precision; long life;normal output torque can be large

QWhat industry does the gearbox apply to?

ALaser cutting machines; Lithium coating machines; Digital printing machines; Various packaging machinery (pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, filling machine, labeling machine)
The printing press (rotary press, gravure press, die cutting machine) Parallel manipulator; The seventh axis of the robot; Aluminum profile processing center; Laminating machine; CNC bending machine; Computer spring machine; Pharmaceutical equipment (lamp inspection machine)
High-end woodworking machinery; AGV car; Automatic bag making machine

QWhat is the transmission mode of the gearbox?

ARacks and pinion transmission
Synchronous belt or chain transmission
Ball screw transmission; Direct transmission
Gear transmission
Elevator transmission

QAnalysis of straight gear rotation and helical tooth rotation of gearboxes

AStraight tooth rotation: high transmission efficiency, long life, easy to process
helical gear transmission: small noise, high speed, stable transmission, good rigidity

Q What are the factors associated with the noise of the gearbox?

A1. Motor speed: The higher the speed, the bigger the noise
2. Ratio: The bigger the number of the stage , the bigger the noise
3. Lubrication Condition: Good lubrication, can reduce noise and heat
4. Load status: The larger the load, the bigger the noise
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